What can I put in my Green Bin?

YesPaper - Newspapers & Magazines - Cardboard (clean & dry) - Phonebooks & Catalogues - Cereal boxes - Steel food cans - Aluminium drink cans - Plastic bottles - Plastic containers (see below) - Tetra paks (juice & milk cartons) - Acceptable plastic types in green bin: All Plastic Bottles including mineral milk and detergent bottles


NoGlass - General refuse - Food waste - Green or Garden waste - Wet waste - Nappies - Polystyrene - Wallpaper - Aeroboard / Styrofoam - Plastic film/bags - Plastic food wrappings.  All items for recycling must be placed loose in the recycling bin.  Full bags are not permitted because inside such bags is where the vast majority of the 40% contamination we are currently experiencing in our recycling bin is found. Only empty bags are accepted in the recycling bin.