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What is ESG?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. These three pillars reflect the key areas in which companies are expected to disclose their performance. At the core, ESG’s goal is to capture all the important non-financial risks and opportunities happening in a company’s everyday operations.


Join us as we take you through our world of ESG and its impact on our business, sustainability, and the future.

Three pillars

1. Environmental

Panda is always looking for new ways to protect our planet.

We promise to reuse, repurpose & recycle your waste by leading the field in the circular economy, improving services in our communities while reducing our carbon footprint. Each year we process and manage 1.7 million tonnes of ‘waste’.

Fully committed to our ‘zero-disposal’ ambition, we are proud of:

Reducing our emissions

In 2022, we produced 55,000 tCO2e across our scope 1 and 2 emissions, managing our customer waste. As we look to reduce our emissions, we are investing into solar power, green fleet, and fossil fuel alternatives. We are currently in the process of quantifying our scope 3 emissions to provide our customers with more in-depth detail on the carbon footprint of waste management.

1.7 million tonnes managed

As Irelands leading provider of sustainable waste management services, we managed 1.7 million tonnes for processing, recycling, re-use and recovery, reaching a recycling and recovery rate of 82% across the group in 2022.

Solar energy

In 2022, we installed 0.3MW of solar energy on our Dublin based MRF roof – as we continue to rollout solar across our facilities, we have a goal to install 3MW of solar capacity by the end of 2023.

Getting creative with renewable energy

Just because we can’t reuse, recycle, or repurpose it, it doesn’t mean we send it to landfill. Instead, we turn non-recyclable items, food waste and biogas into:

Sustainable energy

In 2022 we produced 77,000 MWh of sustainable energy via our biogas operations and biomass to energy infrastructure – this means we produce more energy than we consume providing a sustainable source of energy to the national grid.

Solid recovered fuel (SRF)

An alternative to fossil fuels, SRF is perfect for powering industrial facilities. Shredding refuse down to 40mm pieces, we generate 350,000 tonnes of industry-bound fuel a year.

Refuse derived fuel (RDF)

The best way to handle non-recyclable commercial waste… every year we turn 500,000 tonnes of it into fuel. That’s enough to power 100,000 homes and businesses!

Addressing climate change is paramount

In 2022, we embarked on the journey to net zero emissions by 2040. A formal net zero plan is in development, and due for release in early 2024, guiding our climate change and carbon management efforts.

2. Social

Panda is the people that make it. They are the foundation of our success and the key to our future.

1,400+ employees

Panda creates employment opportunities across Ireland and is proud to provide accessible, flexible and inclusive working.

120 professional careers

We strive to create a workplace where employees can realise their potential, build fulfilling and productive careers.

34 nationalities

With staff representing 34 countries worldwide, we're committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Health and safety

As part of our management of health and safety, in 2022 we launched the Beauparc SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, And Quality) Covenant which sets out the high standards that apply within Beauparc for SHEQ. Aimed primarily at our management teams and SHEQ professionals, the Covenant provides input and information for our management systems.

Our community

Proud of our Irish roots, Panda is committed to supporting local initiatives. We’ll continue working closely with our local communities, fostering positive community relations through initiatives like educational site tours and biodiversity projects.

In 2023 we sponsored the following community clubs:

  • Glanmire GAA Club
  • Ashbourne Baseball Club
  • Boyne RFC
  • Killeavy GAA
  • Lisdowney GAA
  • Rathcoole FC
  • St Finians FC Newcastle
  • St Brides GFC
Safer together 5 steps and our life saving rules

3. Governance

Robust governance practices form the bedrock of our operations and our commitment to responsible business conduct.

We have a range of internal policy documents that guide us in meeting our legal, social, and environmental obligations. These include policies related to anti-tax evasion, child labour, anti-bribery and corruption, whistle-blowing, modern slavery and human trafficking, quality, health and safety, and the environment.

Our sustainability report

We are excited to unveil our Sustainability Report. It’s been a long-held ambition to streamline and present our sustainability performance transparently to all stakeholders, our customers, employees and partners.

Read it here

Our sustainability video

Notable highlights of our Sustainability Video include our ‘Safer Together’ program launch, achieving an 80% recycling and recovery rate, managing over 1.7 million tonnes of waste, and more.

Watch it here

Our KPI summary report

Our report is aligned with evolving reporting standards, including GRI and ESRS frameworks, while reflecting our alignment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Read it here


Looking forward

30 years young and Panda’s story is only just beginning. As we take the first steps on our ESG journey it is exciting to see this activity grow. Small or large, every change we make has a direct impact on our people, communities and the environment. We celebrate this contribution and are proud to support local activities, as well as the broader implementation of long-term, sustainable development goals.

As we look forward, Panda is committed to developing its ESG strategy. More than just a utility provider, we want to use our knowledge and experience to drive responsible business practice forward. That means putting (and keeping) ourselves at the centre of a circular economy that eliminates waste and reuses its resources. It means setting our own standards and holding ourselves accountable to them. And finally, it means building a better business through a model of creative innovation, clear vision, and an absolute commitment to keep our people, communities and the environment at the heart of everything we do.