Up to two months free on home waste collections

Get one month free on a waste only plan, or two months when you choose a dual waste and energy plan.

Don't forget to ask about our home energy deals

Add home electricity, gas (or both) and we'll give you 45% off our standard unit rates, no questions asked.

Absolutely no upfront costs, we promise!

We don't believe in hidden extras or deposits. At Panda, all you need to do is sign-up and save.

A simple, sustainable way to manage your waste

We'll help turn your carbon footprint green by converting 100% of your black bin waste into energy.

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Do you want to be part of the Panda family? Our household waste solutions are the perfect place to start.

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Why Panda?

We're trusted by over 360,000 customers

Every year, we collect over 60,000 tonnes of waste from over 300,000 homes. It doesn’t matter which bin you put out, everything we collect has a use. From recycled paper to fertiliser and renewable energy, we make it easy to be greener and cleaner. Sound good? With package deals for home recycling, we’re the bin company you can trust!

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Home energy

Why not add home electricity & gas?

Did you know that Panda offers home energy as well as recycling? It’s true. Always bringing you great rates and 100% renewable sources, it’s time your home experienced the power of Panda. What are you waiting for?

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Skip & skip bag hire

Having a clear-out or doing a spot of DIY?

Don’t let the waste pile up. With skips and skip bags of all shapes and sizes, not only will Panda save you time and money – we’ll make sure every single piece is reused, repurposed or recycled.

As an extra bonus, we’ll leave a free skip bag with every one we collect.

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Stuck? How can we help?

Everything you need to know before you switch to Panda.

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How do I find out what day my bins are collected?
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Our bins are really dirty. Does Panda offer a bin cleaning/washing service?
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Help! I’m having trouble logging into my online account.
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I made a payment today, will my bin be collected tomorrow?
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