Welcome to Winter in your Garden

10th Nov 2023

When temperatures drop and trees lose their leaves, our gardens may appear dormant and dull. But fear not – while some birds may have flown south for the winter, there are still plenty of ways to make your outdoor space an inviting habitat for wildlife.

As the days get shorter and colder, providing essential resources for wildlife becomes more and more important. Birds and hedgehogs suffer most during winter, as food sources become scarce and they struggle to protect themselves from the elements.

Take the time to get creative with upcycling mason jars or ceramics to make stylish bird feeders. Keep them stocked up with a variety of seeds and nuts to keep the feathered friends happy during the colder season. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show as you watch them flutter around in your garden.

Another winter wildlife activity is to create a hedgehog hibernation box, which is a dry and sheltered space for the spiny mammals to rest in cold winter months. Log piles or stacks of bundles of firewood are perfect for hedgehogs to shelter in. You can also supply food and water for a hedgehog to help them keep warm and nourished during the winter.

Native bumblebees will also be looking for food and a place to hibernate in winter. If you’re lucky enough to have a patch of ivy growing in your garden, this is a great food source for them. Other plants that they love to find in winter are catmint, heathers, and rosemary – so make sure you have plenty of these growing. You can plan ahead for next winter by planting some annual foxglove, everlasting sweetpea, wild carrot (Queen Anne’s lace), and comfrey. These plants will attract bees and other pollinators and give them the energy they need to survive the harsh winter weather.

So, don’t let winter stop you from enjoying your garden; there are plenty of wildlife activities to keep you busy. Give birds a home, provide shelter for hedgehogs, and attract bees with flowery plants. With a bit of tender loving care, your garden can be a haven for nature all year round.

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