Maximizing your Brown Bin in the Garden

13th Oct 2023

Composting is an excellent way to reuse organic materials and it saves you money too. But besides grass and leaves, what other garden waste can you put into your brown bin? Are there items you’re unsure about? Well, here are the top five items causing the most confusion!

For a full list of items you can place in your brown bin, check out our downloadable poster here. And read on to learn a little about maximising your brown bin in your garden!

Suitable for brown bin collections:

  • Tomato Plants – Tomato plant cuttings are perfectly safe to be put into your brown bin. They may not be suitable for your home compost pile, but our composting facility can handle it!
  • Bark – Natural bark is a perfect example of a compostable material that can be put into your brown bin. Synthetic materials are not commonly used for bark products, but always check the packaging to ensure the material is biodegradable and remember, weed liners are typically not compostable!
  • Sawdust – Sawdust or wood shavings from natural wood sources can be brushed, scooped or shovelled into your brown bin. 
  • Bird feed – Any uneaten bird feed can be tipped into your brown bin, that’s fat balls, nuts and seeds or dried mealworm – it’s all compostable!

Not suitable:

  • Tree stumps or heavy branches – If you’re cutting down a tree or cutting back heavy branches you’ll need to bring the cuttings to a civic amenity centre.Rest assured, they will be recycled by your local civic amenity centre. 

Did you know Panda have 18 civic amenity sites throughout Ireland? To see where your nearest CA Site is and what else you could bring there, check Panda Civic Amenity Centres

Hopefully this article has given you some ideas of how to get the most out of your compost bin. The great thing about composting is that it’s easy and it’s cost-effective. So start composting today and see the difference it can make!

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