The Importance of Businesses Separating their Organic Waste

14th Jun 2023

By now we all know recycling is key to saving our natural resources and preventing pollution. It aids in making our beautiful planet cleaner and greener for future generations. But did you know using a compost bin is another form of recycling?

Does your business use a compost bin? If it doesn’t, it should and here’s why…

One million tonnes of food is wasted in Ireland every year… Not by Panda! We recycle 100% of the contents of your compost bins. 20% goes through a process of anaerobic digestion to make renewable energy which goes back into the grid. The remaining 80% of your compost bin goes to make actual compost, perfect for agriculture.

Panda’s organic and food waste process.

So how do we avoid contaminating?

In simple terms, compost bins keep food waste away from ‘general’ waste, reducing waste contamination and therefore increasing recycling of organic materials and keeping these valuable resources in the circular economy. However, even if 95% of people separate their waste correctly, just one person contaminating their waste can cause an entire truckload of recyclable waste to no longer be suitable for recycling. This shows how important it is to separate your waste correctly.

The good news is, we can stop contamination by educating ourselves. All we need to do is make sure we know what goes in the right bin. 

Top Tips:

  • Compost to save money:

Composting helps businesses to divert waste from general waste bins potentially reducing waste disposal costs as well as pickup frequency.

  • Use signage:

Download our bin labels here. They help avoid contamination by listing what goes in each bin.

  • Location, location, location:

Place your compost bin in an easy to access location near to where organic waste would be, like the kitchen or canteen.

  • Stay informed:

Educate yourself and your colleagues on the common misconceptions of waste segregation. Did you know that some tea bags contain plastic and therefore are not suitable for composting?

  • Help the environment:

Composting is good for the environment as it reduces greenhouse gas and prevents compostable waste from ending up in landfills.

Help your business leave a greener footprint, simply by switching to Panda. It doesn’t matter which bin we collect from you, everything we collect is reused, recycled, or repurposed. With package deals for businesses, we’re the bin company you can trust. Get a quote today!