The Future of Waste Management with Compost Bins   

27th Jun 2023

Effective July 1st, 2023, the Irish government is introducing new legislation that requires all waste management companies to offer a compost bin service to all business customers.  The EU has set recycling targets for member states, and Ireland is no exception. This new legislation is part of a larger effort to reduce waste and meet these set targets. It is important to remember that although it can be difficult to adjust to new changes, everyone can do their part to reduce waste and help leave a greener footprint. 

Regardless of company sector or location, Panda customers will be contacted via email in a phased approach, asking customers to opt-in or opt-out of the compost bin service. From July 1st 2023, the local authorities have advised that there will be compliance enforcement measures taken with any customers who have not opted into the compost bin service. This means that if your business does not meet the opt-out requirements, you may face fines and other legal action. For details on the classes of premises where producers of food waste are subject to regulation change click here.  

It’s become increasingly important for businesses to be aware of how to accurately manage their waste. A compost bin is a great way to ensure food and organic waste is segregated, recycled and/or recovered. Food and organic waste is not only a powerful tool for reducing pollution and helping to meet the EU recycling targets, but it also has the potential to generate energy. Composting organic waste produces biogas, which can be used to generate electricity or other forms of energy. By harnessing this form of energy, not only are we helping to reduce our reliance on non-renewable sources, but we are also reducing our carbon footprint in the process. 

So, if you have not already done so, now is the time to evaluate if your business should be using a compost bin and opt-in for Panda’s compost bin service. Not only will this help you to avoid any potential fines in the future, but it will also ensure you are doing your part to help Ireland reach its EU recycling targets. 

Click here for advice on best practices for compost bin use and maintenance.