Stop Contaminating Your Recycling Bin

06th Apr 2022

So, by now we know recycling is the key to saving our natural resources and preventing pollution. It aids in making our beautiful planet cleaner and greener for future generations. But what about the health benefits? Did you know, that recycling can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that would result from extracting natural resources? It also helps stop waste going to landfills that are harmful to the environment as well as human and animal health.

The good news is, that Ireland has reduced the number of landfills accepting waste from 127 in 2011 to just 3 today. That means we’re on the right track!

Here at Panda, we’re committed to a ‘zero-landfill’ mission and our customers know that nothing we collect goes to waste. Want to know more?

What Is Recycling Contamination?

Contamination is a massive concern when it comes to home and business recycling in Ireland. It happens when non-recyclable materials are put into the recycling bin. This causes problems at the recycling plant and often results in huge amounts of recycling not being recycled!

Even if 95% of people recycle their waste correctly, just one person contaminating their waste can cause an entire truck-load of recyclable waste to no longer be suitable for recycling.

Many of us have great intentions when it comes to recycling and we’re often hopeful when it comes to the items, we’re not so sure about. If you find yourself wondering “Is this recyclable?” but you’re not sure, do your research!

Food waste thrown into the recycling bin is one of the worst contaminants. Food containers with leftover product, and greasy pizza boxes can contaminate entire loads of recyclable material.

What Happens When Recycling Is Contaminated?

  • Items that could have been recycled, can no longer be recycled.
  • Machinery at the recycling facility must stop to remove non-recyclables, causing unnecessary delays and added costs.
  • Contaminated materials expose workers to hazardous wastes and can be a threat to their health and safety.
  • Materials that are recycled into a new product can decrease in value and quality if made from contaminated materials.

The Biggest Culprits

Unfortunately, the main cause of recycling contamination is because of us! The good news is, we can stop it by educating ourselves. All we need to do is make sure we know what goes in the right bin. Here’s a list to help you.

Check out some of the most common items that people throw into the recycling bin, causing contamination. 

What Can You Do To Recycle The Right Way?

  • Know the dos and don’ts of recycling. Click here to learn more.
  • Keep up with changes when it comes to recycling. Did you know we can now recycle soft plastics?
  • Don’t bag your recycling waste.
  • Make sure everything you put into your recycling bin is clean, dry, and loose.
  • Don’t put non-recyclables into your recycling bin.
  • Don’t assume everything is recyclable. If you’re not sure, do a quick Google search, or contact your waste management providers.
  • Label your bins and download this poster to help you.
  • Reduce and reuse first!

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