Home Recycling – The Dos and Don’ts

20th Jan 2022

Have you often found yourself confused about what goes in your recycling bin? You’re not alone; with ever-changing technologies, the rules around what you can and can’t recycle aren’t always clear. Never fear, Panda is here to give you the low down on the dos and don’ts when it comes to recycling your household waste.

The ‘Dos’

  • Recycle your plastics

Great news, all plastics are now recyclable in Ireland. That means both soft and hard plastics, along with paper, card, tins, and cans can go in your green bin. Soft plastics include plastic food wraps, plastic bags, sweet wrappers, and any plastic that can be scrunched in your hand.

  • Rinse before recycling

It’s important to ensure everything you put in your recycle bin is clean, dry, and loose to avoid contamination. Items that once contained food can be given a quick rinse and left to drip dry before it goes in the recycle bin.

  • Break down boxes

It’s important to break down your cardboard boxes before they go in your recycle bin. This will help to increase efficiency at recycling plants. Plus, you’ll have more space in your bin!

The ‘Don’ts

  • Don’t recycle wet or contaminated cardboard or paper

Food containers made from cardboard or paper is often contaminated with grease and oils. This tends to happen with takeaway pizza boxes. Wet surfaces, grease and oil on paper and cardboard means they can’t be recycled. You can cut off clean portions of cardboard for recycling, and the rest can go in your food waste bin. Don’t worry, nothing goes to waste with Panda: we convert 100% of your black bin waste into energy.

  • Don’t recycle used tissue/kitchen towel

A lot of tissue paper is made from recycled paper, but this doesn’t mean it goes in your recycling bin. It’s not sanitary to put used tissue paper into your recycling waste. Instead, put them into your food waste bin!

  • Don’t put nappies in your home recycling bin

Disposable nappies consist of many materials, making them not suitable for recycling. Materials are hand sorted by workers at recycling plants, so human waste should never go in the green bin. It contains bacteria that is harmful to humans and the environment. Remember that nappies also shouldn’t go in the compost bin. Soiled nappies should go in the general waste bin, to avoid contaminating other recycling.

  • Don’t put batteries, electrical items, glass, or clothes in your home recycling bin

Yes, these items are suitable for recycling, but they should be disposed of properly as some can contain hazardous components. Bring them to your local civic amenity site or nearest clothes/bottle bank. These items could be harmful to the environment if not recycled properly.

Top tip: Check your local stores and supermarkets. Some offer a collection point to recycle your batteries.

If there’s something you’re not sure about when it comes to recycling, check with MyWaste.ie.

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