Panda's Green Project

Panda's Green Project

Panda are happy to announce a pilot scheme with Dalkey Tidy Towns and Dalkey Business Group, where it is intended that a single waste management company will be used for all commercial businesses in the Dalkey.

The aims of this project are to:

  • Reduce costs to businesses in these challenging times
    An estimate saving of up to 30% is forecast for businesses joining the Panda project
  • Greatly reduce the carbon footprint in the area
    With only one truck in the town, three times a week, carbon emissions will be greatly reduced
  • Reduce traffic and improve safety with just one lorry at opportune times during the week
    Busy times will be assessed and trucks will be sent in when pedestrians and traffic are at a minimum
  • Provide proof that 100% of waste is recycled
    Panda will provide waste management reporting on request that 100% of waste which we collect is recycled
  • Provide rebates to businesses on recyclable materials
    Panda sell recyclable materials on the commodities market which means that rebates will be provided for the waste that customers recycle.

Since announcing this project Panda have received a great response and would like to thank all businesses in Dalkey for their support. We look forward to working with these businesses to achieve a reduced cost, tidy, low carbon environment which will promote more business and tourism to the area.


If you would like more information on this project please contact: