Panda Power

Panda Power

We are delighted to inform you that Panda are now offering green electricity to all of our customers.

Your trust in us as a recycling company has been the driving force behind our success and has given us the opportunity to create over 700 jobs. Your support has also given us the ability to recycle over 250,000 tonnes of paper every year and in the process save over 3.5 million trees from deforestation.

Current providers offer green energy at a premium. Panda Power offers green energy at the best possible price, because we believe in actively building a better, more sustainable environment.

To celebrate joining the energy market, Panda Power will offer all Panda customers the very best price on the market for electricity. If you are interested in joining Panda Power and supporting sustainability please visit or contact us on 1890 68 68 68.

Here is a quick synopsis of what the media have said about Panda Power.

The Irish Times

"Panda Power and the shake-up in the Irish energy market. This new green entrant to the Irish electricity market is eyeing up a slice of the energy cake."

"Panda, the recycling and waste management company, is now an electricity supplier too. The newly formed Panda Power launched today, you can sign up with them right now, and you could actually have your electricity supplied by Panda Power within a couple of weeks."

"Panda Waste has gone into the electricity business as Ireland's latest retail supplier and it's promising the cheapest rate of any power provider."