Panda win waste collector of the year

Panda win waste collector of the year

Panda recognised as Waste Collector of the year 2015 at Repak awards.

Panda were delighted to be choosen by Repak as the best waste collector in Ireland at Repak's Pakman award ceremony.

This success is a reflection of our commitment to recycling for our customers in an environmentally friendly way. Over 2015 Panda have demonstrated market leadership in waste management through the following initiatives which made us stand out as industry leaders; our 24/7 emergency truck service, our different payment plans (including waivers for disadvantaged customers), our new noise and CO2-reducing hybrid trucks, and our MRF plant (the largest in Ireland).

Overall, however, to be recognised as the leading waste management company in Ireland we displayed a passion for our business and for the environment. This is work that thoroughly benefits the customer and the world around us. It is work we believe that makes our service truly stand out, and demonstrates why Panda are the best waste collector in the Irish market. 


We would like to thank all of our customers for recycling with Panda.