Recycling is the Pinnacle of our Company's Success

Our commitment to sustainable recycling goes across everything we do:

  • Zero Landfill Icon

    Zero to Landfill:

    Panda believe in recycling as much waste materials as possible. Through Best Available Technologies and a specialist workforce we have achieved a 100% recycling figure with commercial customers, meaning a Zero to Landfill Policy.
  • Panda and Repak

    Repak Recycling Company of the Year:

    Panda's Irish Packaging and Recycling division, who looks after paper, cardboard and plastic recycling, were recognised as Repak's Recycling Waste Management Company of the year in 2014. At Panda we take great pride in being among the top recycling companies in Ireland and the world.

  • Panda waste to electricity

    Waste to Energy:

    Panda understands that not all waste streams can be recycled and for these we recover them through using them as a fuel source to generate electricity and heat. This is the most sustainable way to handle commercial general waste (that is, waste that does not include recycled paper, plastic, cardboard or aluminium). This process is called Refuse Derived Fuel or RDF.

  • Panda helps the rainforest

    Saving Rainforests:

    Panda recycled 220,000 tonnes of paper in 2014. This equates to over 3.5 million trees saved from deforestation. This is thanks to all our customers who choose Panda as their recycling waste management company in 2014.

  • Panda waste composting

    Compost for Farmyard Fertiliser:

    Recycling waste management does not just include recycling paper and plastics. Food waste is recycled through composting and anaerobic digestion. Food waste is collected, treated and used as fertiliser for farms throughout Ireland.

  • Recycling with Panda

    Recycling Plastics and Aluminium:

    We recycle plastic and aluminium so the material can be reprocessed into useful products, sometimes completely different from their original state. This process is called Recovery. For instance this could mean melting down a soft drink bottle and then casting it as a plastic chair.

  • Panda Global leader in recycling

    Global Leader in Recycling:

    Ireland is amongst the top performing EU countries for packaging recycling. Panda has played a big part in achieving this level of excellence through research into Best Available Technologies. Panda’s waste recycling procedures are so advanced and environmentally friendly that recycling waste management companies all across the world look to Panda as an industry leader in recycling waste management.

  • Recycling

    Recycling Training:

    Panda’s waste management experts can train your staff and put structures in place to improve the recycling rates in your company. In the past we have achieved 100% recycling levels through devising tailor-made waste management programmes for our clients.

Our Materials Recovery video:

Panda Recycling from Panda Recycling on Vimeo.