Understanding the New Government Levy: A Greener Future with Panda

30th Aug 2023

We have some important news to share with you regarding new charges that will be coming into effect soon. The Department of the Environment, Climate, and Communications has taken a significant step towards addressing the pressing issue of waste in Ireland. The Circular Economy (Waste Recovery Levy) Regulations 2023 are set to be implemented from September 1, 2023. This move is designed to combat the escalating waste problem and promote a sustainable future for our country.

In conjunction with the Circular Economy (Waste Recovery Levy) Regulations 2023, the Waste Management (Landfill Levy)(Amendment) Regulations 2023 will also come into play on the same date. Both regulations share a common goal: to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. To achieve this, a waste recovery levy of €10 per tonne will be introduced, alongside an increase in the existing ‘landfill levy’ to €85 per tonne.

The Waste Recovery Levy will apply to all General Waste (Black bag) and General Skip waste. However, it’s important to note that Clean Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste, such as soil, stone, rubble, and timber, are currently exempt from the levy. To ensure that the C&D exemption applies, remember to keep residual waste, garden waste, and packaging separate.

What This Means for You

We understand that any change in charges can be concerning, but it’s important to recognize the positive impact of these changes on our environment and community. By segregating waste and recycling more effectively, you’ll not only contribute to a cleaner and greener environment but also potentially reduce your waste disposal costs in the long run.

These new levies are aimed at encouraging responsible waste management practices in households and businesses alike. As valued Panda customers, the primary focus should be on optimizing the use of mixed dry recyclable and organic waste (brown) bins. This approach aligns with the government’s Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy, which includes ambitious recycling targets. By 2025, the goal is to recycle 55% of general waste. These levies are essential components of the government’s strategy to drive waste reduction and enhance Ireland’s recycling rates. To put this into perspective, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reported that in 2020, each person in Ireland generated an average of 372kg of household waste, with 39% of it ending up in the black bin.

Stay Informed

For a more comprehensive understanding of the Waste Management (Landfill Levy) (Amendment) and the Circular Economy (Waste Recovery Levy) Regulations 2023, we encourage you to visit the official government website at www.gov.ie or watch their video here.

We would also advise that you familiarise yourself with the recycling guidelines provided by Panda. You can access our posters here to help you properly segregate your waste.

Moving Forward

We understand that changes like these might raise questions, and we are here to assist you. For any enquiries or clarifications about how these levies will impact your Panda services, please contact our dedicated Customer Care team at 01 829 8992.

Embracing these changes might require a bit of adjustment, but they mark a significant stride towards a greener and more responsible Ireland. Your commitment to responsible waste management will not only help us achieve national recycling targets but will also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for all. At Panda, we are committed to supporting you on your journey towards leaving a greener footprint. Together, let’s make a positive impact on our environment.