Panda’s Guide to Skip Hire

07th Mar 2022

Skips are ideal for home improvement projects, clear-outs, and when moving out. No matter what it is you’re planning, Panda’s got the right skips and containers for you. Which skip is right for the job and what can you put in them; you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. With our skip hire guide, your questions will be answered!

Which skip size is right for you?

It can be hard to decipher which skip is right for the job. Go too small and you won’t fit all your waste in. Go too big and you’ll be spending more than you need to. Here’s some helpful information to help you choose the right size skip for the job.

Skip Bag

  • Skip bag size is 105cm x 105cm x 120cm
  • Ideal for smaller home and garden projects, general and green waste
  • No set time limit: fill at your own pace and call when ready to collect
  • Will hold approximately 20-24 black bags
  • Will fit into a smaller space

*Not fit for construction waste.

Bonus: Panda also collects many other types of skip bags (excluding maxi bags). We’ll deliver a skip bag to your door at no extra cost. Plus, we’ll leave a complimentary replacement bag for next time!

Order a skip bag for just €99.

Mini Skip

  • Our Mini Skip is the smallest metal skip we offer
  • Perfect for small DIY projects, garden waste, and home clear-outs
  • Fill up to 1ft above level load
  • Will hold approximately 10-15 refuse bags
  • Will fit into a car parking space

Get a quote for a Mini Skip.

Midi Skip

  • Our Midi Skip is a medium-sized skip
  • Ideal for larger clear-outs, light general waste, and small amounts of soil and construction waste.
  • Fill up to 1ft above level load
  • Will hold approximately 15-30 refuse bags
  • Will fit into a car parking space

Get a quote for a Midi Skip.

Standard Skip

  • Our Standard Skip is a typical builder’s size skip
  • Perfect for larger-scale projects and construction, light general waste, commercial and demolition waste, and soil.
  • Fill up to level load
  • Will hold approximately 50-60 refuse bags
  • Will fit into a car parking space

Get a quote for a Standard Skip.

Larger Skips

Got a big project that requires a larger skip size? No problem! We also offer heavy-duty skips. Visit our business skips page for more info or to get a quote.

How much space do you need?

You’ll need to ensure you have enough flat space with no obstructions in your garden or driveway. You’ll need to be able to access the skip easily when dumping your waste and you’ll also want to ensure you’ve got enough space for your car if you’ve got one.

Apply for a permit from your local authority if you don’t have a big enough driveway for your skip.

What can you put in your skip?

Panda are here to clear things up. Skips are ideal when you want to get rid of unwanted waste materials, but it’s also important to consider what you shouldn’t put into a skip.

Items you CAN put in a skip                      Items you CAN’T put in a skip

✔ Mixed Recyclable Materials                             ✖ Paint & Paint Cans

✔ Household Waste                                              ✖ Medical Waste

✔ Furniture & Carpet                                             ✖ Gas Bottles

✔ Construction & Demolition Waste                   ✖ Tyres

✔ Mixed Metals                                                     ✖ Asbestos

✔ Mattresses (If they fit at level load)                ✖ Electrical Appliances/Equipment

✔ Cardboard                                                           ✖ Batteries

✔ Magazines & Newspapers                               ✖ Solvents

✔ Timber                                                                 ✖ Flammable, Hazardous & Toxic Materials

If you’re not sure of an item, just ask at the booking stage or check with our delivery team. Our dedicated customer service team is also on hand to answer your questions. Just call 01 829 8992 or email

Can you overfill a skip?

Most skip companies won’t accept skips that have been over-filled past the level line. At Panda, we’re happy to collect Mini and Midi skips that have been filled up to 1ft above level load! So, you get more bang for your buck!

With Panda’s ‘zero-landfill’ mission, you don’t have to feel guilty about your waste. Rest assured; you’ll leave a greener footprint when you choose Panda for your skip hire needs because we reuse, recycle or repurpose everything we collect.

Click here for a hassle-free quote or call our dedicated team on 01 829 8992.