Panda Partner with Aer Lingus in Onboard Recycling Initiative 

18th Jul 2023

Panda has partnered with Aer Lingus to take inflight recycling to the next level. As an industry-first, Aer Lingus are focussing on eliminating waste, and ensuring that all materials that can be recycled, are recycled thanks to their onboard recycling initiative. All materials will now be separated, securely collected and processed by Panda to achieve the highest recycling and recovery rates as possible. 
The onboard recycling initiative means that all cleaning and catering waste generated in-flight will now be properly sorted and divided into recyclable materials and non-recyclable ones. This simple act of separating materials makes recycling of onboard waste much more efficient and ultimately leads to a reduction in the amount of waste that is sent for incineration. 
We’re delighted to work with together with Aer Lingus on this initiative as it demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability. The initiative is a first step towards reducing the amount of waste generated in the aviation industry and making the whole sector more environmentally conscious. The future of waste is minimising wastage, and Panda remains firmly focused on embracing the circular economy. 
We are excited to see how passengers and other airlines react to this partnership and the industry-first onboard recycling initiative. It shows that airlines are increasingly taking responsibility for their environmental impact, and this is a very important step in making the aviation industry more sustainable. Panda will continue to innovate and support all businesses in ways we can all leave a greener footprint. 

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