How To Be More Sustainable

11th Jan 2022

It’s sad to think that our ‘Emerald’ Isle isn’t as green as we’d once thought. In 2021, the Sustainable Progress Index ranked Ireland among the lowest out of 15 EU countries on environmental efforts.

Sustainability is at the top of our agenda here at Panda. As part of our new year’s resolution, we want to help make your home greener and cleaner. It starts with you! Here’s how you can adapt more sustainable practices in 2022:

Get Active!

You know the story – every new year we swarm to the gyms to get more active. Be the change and do it differently this time around. Instead of spending on pricey gym memberships, get yourself outside. Discover the hidden gems of the great outdoors near you. Ireland is a playground of beautiful parks, mountains, walking trails, and beaches. Kill two birds and think green while you’re out:

  • Hiking in the hills? Stick to the trails to avoid soil erosion, respect wildlife and leave no trace.
  • Walking on the beach? Bring a bag along with you and spend a couple of minutes picking up litter.
  • Use your bike. Give the car (& the environment) a break for those smaller journeys.

*R           *, *R          *, Recycle.

Can you guess the missing words in that line? Let’s not forget these two key drivers in the go-green initiative: ‘Reduce’ and ‘Reuse’! In fact, many of us forget that reducing your waste consumption and reusing products again are important in sustainable living – just as important as recycling. Sure, it’s great that we can now recycle soft plastics, but does that mean you should use more of them? Make it your business this year to practice ALL three ‘R’s, to help leave a greener footprint.

Don’t Be Wasteful.

We all know we need to work on reducing our waste, but do we truly think about our environmental impact every day? Probably not… but never fear, Panda’s got your back. Here are some things you may not have considered:

  • Food – Yes, plan your meals, freeze your leftovers, use your compost bin etc. but you already knew that! Do you know where your food comes from? Eat seasonal fruit and veg. Also, try to locally source your food to reduce your carbon footprint. Food production uses up resources such as water, land, and energy. That’s before the added environmental impact of shipping those avocados from Mexico to your plate of poached eggs and toast.
  • Fuel – Fuel resources are depleting because they don’t come from a renewable source. Thinking of upgrading your car? Consider going electric next time around!
  • Water – Did you know Ireland produces more than 14 million tonnes of water waste every year? Keep this in mind and try to reduce the time you spend in the shower! Don’t leave the tap running when you brush your teeth and only run full loads when washing clothes and dishes.

Cut Out Disposables.

Lots of what we buy can only be used once before it’s thrown away. In July 2021, the EU banned the production of single-use plastics. Take a leaf out of their book and put a ban on disposables in your own home!

Here’s are some popular disposable household products that you could switch to reusable products:

  • Plastic straws – Switch to metal or glass straws.  
  • Plastic bottles – Switch to a reusable water bottle instead.
  • Takeaway coffee cups – Get yourself a reusable coffee cup. Many coffee shops now offer a discounted coffee to those who bring their own cup!
  • Disposable coffee pods – Invest in a reusable pod for your coffee machine.
  • Disposable cleaning cloths, synthetic sponges & kitchen towel – Swap these for microfibre cloths and natural sponge.
  • Makeup remover pads & wipes – Swap these for reusable alternatives.
  • Disposable razors – Go plastic-free with a steel safety razor or a straight-edge razor.
  • Menstrual products containing plastics – Swap these for reusable alternatives.

Make this year the year to leave a greener footprint!