About us

Panda has over 175,000 customers and 30 years’ experience in the waste industry.

Founded in the early 1980’s the business has grown from strength to strength in the intervening years to a point where today Panda is one of the most widely recognised and trusted brands in Ireland.

Panda is a family business with its origins in Slane, Co. Meath. The company is still very much part of the community and is 100% Irish owned. Panda supports community initiatives and is committed to maintaining a green environment by ensuring that no waste goes to landfill. Panda is in essence a recycling company and doing the right thing by recycling responsibly is at the heart of everything Panda does.

Panda’s residential bin collections service collects the bins of over 150,000 households

Panda’s commercial bin collections offers a service to over 15,000 buinesses

Panda Irish Packaging and Recycling who cater for very large volumes of commercial waste recycling

Panda’s skip business A1Skips caters for both residential and commercial customers

Panda’s newest venture is Panda Power. Launched in 2015 and aiming to supply electricity from renewable resources to households all over Ireland.


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