Go Green with Panda this St. Patrick’s Day

14th Mar 2022

After two years of lockdown, the St. Patrick’s Day festivities are returning and we’re super excited to ‘go green’ once again. It’s about time too, any longer and those snakes might’ve tried to sneak back in! Not only is our favourite national holiday returning, but we’ve also got the new bank holiday to look forward to. Bonus!

Isn’t it ironic though, that the day’s festivities aren’t as ‘green’ as you might think? With the celebrations and parades, comes a slew of waste and litter on the streets. From plastic headbands and flags to food packaging, so much of it is used for one day only and ends up in the bin or on the street!

Panda is here to help you leave a greener footprint this St. Patrick’s Day. Keep reading to see how you can enjoy the day’s festivities in the greenest way possible!

Visiting The Parade?

Did you know, March 17th is the busiest day of the year for Council Waste Management Services in Dublin (pre-Covid)? Some years even generated up to 20 tonnes of waste left around the city after the celebrations! If you’re planning on heading out on the town this year, be conscious to dispose of your waste properly.

We know it can get super busy in some towns, so think wisely about how you choose to get there. Rather than spending hours trying to find a parking spot, walk, cycle, or hop on the bus.

Dressing-up in Green Glad-Rags?

Don’t support fast fashion that’ll likely be used once and thrown away. Instead, try to repurpose your old clothes and create something new. Visit a charity shop and bag yourself some old Irish treasures.

If you are thinking of buying something new, why not support local and small businesses? Keep what you buy for use in the future and hey, have you ever thought of trying a swap with friends and family?

Keep reading for some fun DIY Paddy’s Day Accessories you can make with things you probably have lying around the house.

Painting your face?

Regular makeup can work just as well and may even last longer than the cheap face paint you can get in stores. Use green & gold eyeshadows, pencils, and lipsticks to draw that shamrock on your cheek. Or how about a rainbow? And if you’re really going all out, cover your entire face with the tri-coloured flag!

Going Down the Pub?

With how busy it can be, some bars opt for plastic cups for ease of service, especially for those takeaway drinks. Make sure to dispose of these cups properly. If street bins are full, you could pop them in your bag and stick them in your home recycling bin later.

Want to know more about what goes in your recycling bin? Click here to see our downloadable poster.

Celebrating at Home?

Treating your family to a delicious home-cooked meal? Support your local food stores and markets by buying fresh, in-season produce. And of course, you know to try to minimise your food waste, freeze leftovers for another day’s dinner, and make use of your food waste bin.

Here are some great DIY home decorations and accessories you can make easily; with stuff you have at home.

Leprechaun Hats

Here’s a fun craft you can make at home with the kids from stuff you’ve probably got lying around the house. We sure had fun making them!

Pop them around the house for decoration or add some clips to wear as an accessory!

What you’ll need:

  • Paper Plates (Leftover from your last party!)
  • Crepe Paper or Newspaper (Painted Green)
  • A4 Card or Toilet Roll Holders
  • Paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Tape
  • Pens or Markers (Optional)

How to make them:

  1. Cover the paper plate in green crepe paper, newspaper or paint it green.
  2. Cut the card into an appropriate height for the top hat using scissors.
  3. Roll the card into a tube-like shape and add some glue/tape to hold.
  4. Decorate the tube, adding a painted black sash, shamrocks, and anything else you like.
  5. Cut out a circle the same size as one end of your tube-like shape.
  6. Glue/tape the circle to one end of the tube-shaped card and stick the other end to the paper plate.
  7. You can make mini hats from cardboard toilet roll holders, instead of card too!
  8. Leave it to dry.

Table Décor/Centerpiece

What you’ll need:

  • A Glass Jar / Vase
  • A Green Scarf or Old Patrick’s Day Clothing
  • Battery Operated Fairy Lights / Candles

How to make them:

  1. Ensure the jar is clean and try.
  2. Wrap and tie the scarf around the jar.
  3. If using old green clothing, cut to size if required and tie it around the jar.
  4. Add your battery-operated fairy lights/candles into the jar.
  5. Place your new Patrick’s Day décor in a spot of your choosing.