Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Centres

15th Feb 2022

Civic Amenity Centres or Recycling Centres are fantastic facilities that can be utilised by public citizens. In Ireland, we produce over thirteen million tonnes of waste per year. We’re also pretty good at recycling. We’re one of the leading performers in Europe, and with a recycling rate of 68% for all materials, we’re exceeding our targets by 13%.

Good job Ireland – Now let’s do better! With Panda’s guide to Recycling Centres, you’ll be clued in on everything you need to know about:

  • What can be recycled in a Recycling Centre
  • Where you can find your local centre
  • The costs involved

What can I take to the centre?

Recycling Centres can accept everything from general waste items to electronic goods and even hazardous materials. Most centres will also accept recyclable materials and green (garden waste). Some items that can’t go in your home recycling bin may be recyclable at a Civic Amenity Centre.

Examples of items that are accepted (site dependent):

Cardboard                             Paper                                                 Plastic

Glass                                      Aluminium Cans                              Batteries

Textiles/Clothing                 Electrical Appliances                       Fridge/Freezers

Ink Cartridges                       Computer Equipment                      Light Bulbs

Gas Bottles                           Florescent Tubes                             Waste Oil

Scrap Metal                          Green (Garden) Waste                     Timber

Mattresses                            Furniture                                            Carpet


Household Hazardous Waste ((detergents, paint etc.) Must be labelled correctly)

Items Not Accepted:

Non-household Hazardous Waste

Unlabelled Household Hazardous Waste

Commercial Waste

Soil & Stones

You should check with your local centre for items that you are unsure of. The Civic Amenity Centres are staffed, so call ahead or just ask staff on site.

Where Can I Find My Local Recycling Centre?

Panda and our parent company Beauparc, own and operate 19 sites across Ireland, available 5-7 days a week. Simply find the one that’s closest to you. You can also check online for local opening times and site restrictions. Here are some details for each of our Civic Amenity Centres:

County                       Location (Links to Maps)                           Contact Number

Dublin                         Ballymount Ave, Greenhills                         01 462 1251

Cork                            Sarsfield Court, Glanmire                            01 829 8992

Kilkenny                     Unit 16, Hebron Ind. Estate                         01 829 8992

Limerick                     Shannon Developments Ind. Estate,         01 829 8992

                                    Bunlicky, Mungret                                         01 829 8992

                                    Station Road, Newcastle                             01 829 8992

Meath                         Beauparc                                                       01 829 8992

Sligo                           Deepwater Quay                                           01 829 8992

Wicklow                     Fassaroe, Bray                                              01 829 8992

Wexford                     Gorey Business Park, Ramstown              053 943 1001

Waterford                  Six Cross Roads                                           01 829 8992

How Much Will It Cost?

Recycling Centres can be cost-effective, especially if you fill up a car or van-load in one trip. You could always check with family, friends, and neighbours too and share the cost.

Prices are specific to each centre, so it’s best to check before you go. Call ahead to your local centre or you can check specific rates online. Prices start from €5 when dropping off items such as cardboard, paper etc. Car prices can start at €9.50 for green waste and €15 for general waste. Larger vehicles can fit more waste and therefore will cost a little more.

For more information on Panda’s Recycling Centres, click here.