DIY Eco-Friendly Upcycled Christmas Decorations

30th Nov 2022

Cold winter nights cosied-up at home are the best kind. Wrapped up warm with family on the sofa, watching Christmas movies. The twinkling lights of the tree glinting in the corner of the room; The house, decked out with decorations is a vibe, we’re sure you’ll agree. But how often do you feel the need to change the theme of your Christmas tree decorations?

Many people like to switch out their baubles and lights every year, but what happens to last year’s stuff? Every winter, Ireland produces 25-30% more waste than usual. That’s between 80,000-100,0000 tonnes of waste over the Christmas period!

Are you a serial decoration upgrader? This year, we’ve got great tips to help you reduce your waste and create your own upcycled decorations. Don’t worry, these eco-friendly knick-knacks won’t cost you money and they look great around the house.

Homemade Baubles:

You can make baubles for your tree from stuff you have lying around the house… even food! Check out some of our eco-friendly décor alternatives for inspiration.

Christmas Cards:

Why not opt for e-cards this year? Think of the trees and start a new trend! If you prefer to give a physical card, remember that glitter and cards made from photo paper can’t be recycled.

Wrapping Presents:

Instead of buying wrapping paper, why not use gift bags? They can be reused over and over. Plus, think of all the time you’ll save not having to wrap presents!

If you prefer the wrapped aesthetic, think of alternative materials for wrapping paper. You can get wrapping paper made from recycled paper. This doesn’t have non-recyclable components such as glitter and can be recycled again! Newspaper and twine are other alternatives to wrapping paper. Add sprigs of holly to give your gifts an authentic and Christmassy look and feel.

Centerpiece and Table Decor:

Shopping for that perfect piece for your Christmas centerpiece? Browse your local second-hand stores, flee-markets and free-cycles for vintage gems.

Or you could create your own unique piece. Think outside the box: use jars, ribbons, empty wine bottles, and candles to spruce up your table for dinner.

Disposing of old decorations:

If you really must throw away your decorations, make sure you’re doing it the right way. Most store-bought decorations are made from a combination of materials. That can often make them unsuitable for home recycling. Put them in your recycling bin if they’re made from a single, recyclable material such as paper, wood, cardboard, plastic, etc.

If they’re made up of different materials, they can’t go in your home recycling bin. Instead, try upcycling them into something new, or donate them to charity.

Bring decorations with electrical components such as batteries or plugs to your local civic amenity centre. Click here to find your local Panda civic amenity centre.

Panda is committed to shaping the best possible future for our families and friends. Wishing all our customers and readers a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. Remember to do your best to leave a greener footprint!