Celebrating World Environment Day

05th Jun 2024

In honour of World Environment Day, we at Beauparc (parent company of Panda) reaffirm our commitment to environmental stewardship. Our team of dedicated environmental professionals tackle diverse issues including compliance, energy, biodiversity, climate change, and the circular economy.

As a large energy user, we are aware of the effect of our operations on the surrounding environment and global climate. We are committed to minimising our carbon footprint, with a firm target of achieving Net Zero by 2040. We have outlined a comprehensive plan to guide us towards this goal.

Environmental Focus

Our business has always prioritised environmental interaction. We strive to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services to our customers while maximising resource recycling and safeguarding the environment.

Energy Generation

Sustainable energy production and consumption are central to our goal. In 2021, Beauparc installed its first PV solar array at our Dublin-based MRF, generating approximately 232 MWh annually and replacing 8% of the facility’s electrical demand. By 2023, we expanded with two more rooftop arrays, achieving a total installed capacity of 3 MW. In 2024, we began installing solar panels at our largest UK facility and additional sites in Ireland. Over the coming years, we aim to reach a capacity of 5 MW, producing 4,600 MWh of solar electricity, covering 25% of our Group’s onsite electricity needs with renewable energy.

Moreover, through innovative approaches, Beauparc generates more energy than we consume across all three jurisdictions by converting biogas from old landfills into electricity. We also operate a biomass-to-energy facility, turning non-recyclable wood into electricity for the national grid. In 2023, we produced 72,000 MWh of renewable energy, sufficient to power our operations and supply electricity to 4,872 homes for a year, equivalent to the annual energy usage of 17,029 homes or 79,558 electric cars based on the European average.

Fleet and Fuelling

On our journey to Net Zero by 2040, we are focusing on reducing transport emissions. In 2022, we invested in electric collection vehicles for urban routes, lowering noise and air pollution. These vehicles are ideal for urban routes and collecting recyclable materials. Additionally, we employ several electric vans in our maintenance fleet to cut down on fleet-related emissions. Over the past year, we also launched Ireland’s first publicly accessible CNG fuelling station, with a second station nearing completion. This supports the national shift towards low-carbon fuels. We further invested in a fleet of CNG collection and haulage vehicles, which has significantly reduced noise and emissions. As a result of this success, we have recently acquired 10 more CNG trucks to the fleet.

Climate Change

Recognising the growing impacts of climate change, we have begun climate risk assessments across our sites. Having completed all UK locations, we are now phasing in assessments for our Irish operations. This will lead to site-specific climate adaptation and mitigation plans, helping us adjust to the changing environment.

Beyond climate adaptation, we are committed to reducing our ecological impact through biodiversity action plans and biodiversity net gain assessments. These initiatives guide us in protecting the environments in which we operate.

Our mission remains steadfast: providing quality, cost-efficient services, maximising resource recycling, and protecting the environment. We are excited to continue our journey towards our Net Zero goal.

Celebrating World Environment Day with these commitments, we look forward to helping leave a greener footprint.