Panda's Waste Services Provisions

Panda's Waste Services Provisions

Panda Collect All Commercial Waste Streams

If you have a waste disposal request regarding commercial bin sizes or equipment Panda uses we would be happy to help. Click through to our team page to choose the right professional for your company. With a free site audit we can discuss your options with no commitment.

Things we take into account:
  • Current Waste Management Processes
  • Bin Sizes Onsite
  • Recycling Levels
  • Overall Waste Management Strategy
  • Cost Saving Measures

Popular Disposal Units:

  • General Waste Icon

    General Commercial Waste Bin Collections:

    All waste that cannot be recycled is collected as general waste. Multiple types of commercial bin sizes are available for general waste collections from 240lt wheelie carts, to 1100lt wheelie bins and compactors

  • Recycling with Panda

    Recycling material bin collections:

    Recyclable material such as glass, plastic, cardboard, paper are collected in green bins while skips can be organised for larger materials like timber and metal.

  • Food Waste bin

    Food waste bin collections:

    Food waste receptacles will be provided when needed for all excess food waste onsite. Disposal of food waste is described on our recycling page.

  • General Waste Icon

    WEEE Waste:

    Panda provide cages for all WEEE waste. We collect WEEE waste from client sites and bring it to a tranfer station where it is segregated and recovered, sending it to a facility for recovery. We offer data destruction services and full reporting on this waste stream.

  • Panda Skips

    Skip hire:

    Skips of all shapes and sizes can be supplier for customers from mini skips for small clearouts to 20 Tonne Roll on/off for large construction jobs.

  • General Waste Icon

    Bin bag collections:

    Recycling and general waste bags can be collected from outside your businesses door. This is popular with Dublin City Centre SMEs who have storage constraints. For a list of prices please visit our Bin Label page

  • General Waste Icon

    Hazardous waste removal:

    Panda can give advice and collect hazardous materials for clients. Depending on the material Panda will supply the necessary disposal units for onsite storage and collection.

Our Materials Recovery video:

Panda Materials Recovery Facility on Vimeo.