Meet Panda's Recycling Experts

    •  Derek Dunne - Commercial Director

      Derek Dunne

      • Job Description: Commercial Director
      • Specialist in: With over 25 years experience, Derek provides valuable insight into all aspects of waste management. As Commercial Director, he leads a team of experts who provide tailor made waste solutions to customers in any industry, no matter how big or small.
      • Phone: 086 447 3009
      • Email:


    • Paul O'Brien - Business Development Manager

      Paul O'Brien

      • Job Description: Business Development Manager
      • Specialist in: Paul is an expert in site audits for blue chip companies and larger clients. Looking at trends in the client industry, Paul can pre-empt issues before they arise.
      • Phone: 086 023 0841
      • Email:


    • Fionnuala Carr - Key Account Manager

      Fionnuala Carr

      • Job Description: Head of Property Services
      • Specialist in: As the Head of Property Services, Fionnuala is concerned with increasing client recycling levels and resolving any issues that arise onsite.
      • Phone: 086 237 2203
      • Email:


  • Eamon Whelan - Panda Waste Business Team

    Eamonn Whelan

    • Job Description: Commercial Manager for IPR
    • Specialist in: Eamonn is Panda's expert in our IPR division. Armed with in depth knowledge of the recycling process and market capabilities, Eamonn can get customers the best advice on their recycling options.
    • Phone: 086 269 0100
    • Email: