About Panda Commercial

Panda provides waste management solutions to over 12,000 commercial customers, ranging from small shops to large national enterprises, on a weekly basis all over Ireland. Through working closely with clients and utilising Best Available Technologies in the marketplace we raise the standard of the commercial waste collection industry in Ireland. As a result, we see Panda as an industry leader in waste management.

With over 30 years’ experience in the waste industry, Panda has gone from strength to strength supporting local communities and businesses. Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with commercial clients to earn savings and increase recycling levels consistently.

Panda's commercial bin services are used by leaders in many industries in Ireland and Panda's commercial team work around the clock to ensure great waste collection services to all our customer no the size. Panda is in essence a recycling company and doing the right thing by recycling responsibly is at the heart of everything Panda does.

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