Building an Eco-Friendly Insect Hotel: A Step-by-Step Guide

18th Jan 2024

Join us on a green journey with our step-by-step guide to crafting a sustainable insect hotel from recycled household materials – a cosy retreat for buzzing neighbours and a great example of an eco-conscious DIY project for all the family!

What you’ll need:

  • Recycled Wood: Use old wood offcuts, boards, old pallets or any unused wooden planks for the main structure.
  • Glass Bottles or Jars: Create cozy chambers using upcycled glass containers.
  • Plastic Tubes or Containers: Add diverse spaces by incorporating recycled plastics.
  • Twigs and Pinecones: Enhance texture and create hiding spots for insects.
  • Dried Leaves and Straw: Fill gaps for insulation and comfortable resting places.


  • Design Your Frame:
    • Arrange the wooden planks into a box-like structure, creating compartments for various materials.
    • Ensure the frame is stable and if possible, raised off the ground to protect against moisture.
  • Glass Chambers:
    • Arrange small jars inside the wooden frame, creating a variety of spaces for insects to inhabit.
  • Plastic Hideouts:
    • Cut plastic tubes or containers to different lengths, providing hiding spots with varying dimensions.
    • Nestle them between wooden planks or attach them securely to the glass or frame.
  • Textured Retreats:
    • Integrate twigs, pinecones, and dry leaves into the design, providing diverse textures and hiding spots.
    • Ensure these elements are scattered throughout the insect hotel for variety.
  • Roof and Finish:
    • Add a roof made from additional recycled wood, slates, or tiles to protect the hotel from rain.
    • Secure all materials firmly, but leave gaps and spaces to allow insects easy access.
  • Positioning:
    • Place your insect hotel in a sunny spot, preferably elevated from the ground.
    • Mount it on a pole or attach it to a fence to avoid ground-level dampness.
  • Observation Station:
    • Set it up near a window or accessible area to observe the insect activity.
    • Monitor the hotel regularly and make adjustments if needed.

Build, watch, and welcome your tiny neighbours to their new sustainable haven!