9 Tips For An Eco-friendly Summer

21st Jun 2022

Summer is finally here and we’re super excited about the warmer weather and those lazy afternoons spent in the garden with friends! We know this time of year can be costly, and just because the brighter, warmer evenings mean we’re using less electricity and heating, doesn’t mean our summer activities don’t come at a cost to the environment too!

Panda is committed to shaping the best possible future for our families and friends. That’s why we’re here to offer you great advice, tips, and tricks, so you can enjoy your summertime all while leaving a greener footprint.

Panda’s Top Tips:

  1. Use eco-friendly sun cream – By now, we know how important it is to protect our skin from harmful UV rays and the aging effects of the sun, but don’t forget to be conscious of the sun cream you’re buying too. Look out for harsh chemicals and environmental pollutants when buying sunscreen. Don’t forget to recycle the bottle when it’s empty!
  2. Ease-up on the air-conditioning – We tend to use the air conditioning in the car a lot more in the summer. But did you know that the AC uses energy from the fuel and not the battery? Using it will increase its consumption by up to 20%. And with the rising costs of fuel, we sure don’t want to be burning it away that quickly! Air conditioning also emits greenhouse gas and leaks hydrofluorocarbons. Only use it sparingly and instead open windows and use fans – they use less energy!
  3. Make use of the sunshine & warmer weather – Dry clothes outside using a washing line or your clothes horse. With the natural sunlight and longer evenings, there’s no need to keep lights on in the house during the daylight hours.
  4. Having a BBQ? – Avoid disposable foil BBQs; they’re not eco-friendly, often get left behind on beaches and in parks, and can even cause fires. Try to invest in a decent, long-lasting alternative such as an electric or propane grill, instead of charcoal or wood grills. Don’t use single-use disposable plates and cutlery when hosting barbeques or picnics. When grilling, opt for good quality, sustainable meats. The meat industry contributes to greenhouse gas emissions. Try to include more veggies too!
  5. Upcycle! – There’s so much you can do with items you would’ve thought fit for the bin, such as creating unique home and garden décor and furniture. Turn glass jars into lanterns with solar lights or candles. Use wine bottle corks to create coasters and placemats. Wood pallets can be used to make garden furniture. Get creative with your old stuff!
  6. Travel Sustainably – Did you know that the transport sector is responsible for 18% of Ireland’s carbon emissions? This summer, try to make use of your bike, walk, or take public transport, instead of using the car for shorter summer day trips – unless it’s a long journey and your car is electric!
  7. Shop More Sustainably – Now that it’s summer, there’ll be more pop-up farmers’ markets, selling fresh local produce. Make a day of it and find new markets near you. Don’t forget to bring your reusable shopping bags with you!
  8. Volunteer For A Clean-up Project – While the weather is warm and you’re on the lookout for some fun weekend activities, why not consider helping the environment? Get involved or help to organise a clean-up project at your local park, beach, lake, or town.
  9. Be Conscious of Your Water Waste – We tend to use more water during the summer months, with the watering of plants and lawns, filling up that kids’ pool and perhaps showering more due to the warmer weather. Try watering your yard in the morning or evening, when the sun isn’t at its highest, so it has time to soak into the soil before evaporating. Check for leaky faucets around the house and trim a few minutes off your daily shower. Don’t forget, an energy-efficient dishwasher uses less water than if you were to hand-wash those dishes!

Actions speak louder than words. That’s why Panda doesn’t just talk about sustainability. We do it. We’re committed to creating a circular economy that eliminates waste and reuses its own resources. Wishing our friends and customers a fabulous summer, filled with adventure and fun. Don’t forget to think green!