Meet Frankie, a Young Recycler with Big Plans

When we heard about Frankie, a young recycling enthusiast from Swords, Co. Dublin we knew we wanted to meet him and make this Christmas a very special one.

Frankie is a young man with a passion for recycling. Every week he helps his neighbours recycle more by collecting their recycling from them, a great service! His business is booming so much so that he uses his go-kart and trailer so he can collect even more on his weekly route.

A big thank you to Frankie for all his hard work and super attitude, and also to his mum, Amie, for inviting us to meet him. Frankie was very happy to spend some time with his heroes and it was our pleasure to make it happen.

We left him with a small token of appreciation, a personalized wheelie bin and memories we're sure he'll always treasure!

Panda visits young recycleryoung recycler in Swords

Frankie on Bin Truck

Frankie's mum wishes to Thank all the team at Panda for making his day!