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Understanding Your Bill

If your bill looks like this then you may have gone out of contract during your billing period or there may have been a price increase. Your billing period is typically bimonthly and is displayed on the upper left hand side of your invoice under the line item ‘Invoice Period’.

24 hour Electricity Meter Type

(A) Actual Reading(E) Estimate Reading(C) Customer Reading
CurrentPreviousUsageMultiplierUnit TypeUnit PriceLine Amount
2660 (E) 2569 (E) 91124hr€0.2148€19.55
2701 (A)2660 (E)41 124hr€0.2398€9.83

Day/Night Electricity Meter Type

CurrentPreviousUsageMultiplierUnit TypeUnit PriceLine Amount
60369 (E)59032 (E)13371.000Day€0.1936€258.84
60923 (E)60369 (E)5541.000Day€0.2049€113.51
31236 (E)30569 (E)6671.000Night€0.0939€62.63
31512 (E)31236 (E)2761.000Night€0.0993€27.41

Gas Meter

(A) Actual Reading(E) Estimate Reading(C) Customer Reading
CurrentPreviousUsageConversion FactorGas Used (kWh)Unit PriceLine Amount
937 (E)892 (C)4511.488516.94650.05980€30.91
981 (C)937 (E)4411.488505.45880.06670€33.71

The different rates, as shown under unit price, are based on when the price increase came into effect or from when your contract ended and your usage is prorated during the applicable billing period to ensure you are billed correctly.

When you look at the bill, under ‘unit price’ you will see the rate charged. This shows the percentage discount applied against the standard price.

The electricity allowance doesn’t come directly off your Panda bill, you need to get in touch with the Department of Social Welfare who are responsible for transferring the money.

If the meter reading on your bill is incorrect (or doesn’t match the reading on your meter) this usually means your bill was calculated on an estimated reading. Your bill will be estimated if we didn’t receive a meter reading since your last bill or if your reading was rejected by our networks. Once you or your networks submit a new reading for your meter your next bill will be calculated at the difference.

There are a number of reasons why your bill may appear higher than normal. It may have been calculated based on an estimated, not actual reading. It could have come off introductory rates, or your usage could have changed. If your bill was estimated, you should check your meter and submit a current reading (supplying regular meter readings will help make sure you only pay for what you use). If your meter reading is less than the reading you were billed on, we'll apply any credit due to your next bill. If you have checked all of the above and still feel there is a problem with your bill, please call our team on 01-829-8989 to discuss your options.

Your account number is located on the top of your invoice. This is a six digit number and can be found to the right of the invoice number under your address.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) requires all electricity and gas suppliers to set out an ‘Estimated Annual Bill’ for each of their offers. Using the CRU average annual consumption figures and our own price plan, we will give you an estimated annual billing for your chosen product/service. 

Your EAB is based on:

An average annual consumption figure of 11,000 kWh in gas (as published by the CRU).

An average annual consumption figure of 4,200 kWh in electricity (as published by the CRU).
All the charges for each individual price plan (unit rate, standing charge, PSO levy [electricity only], carbon tax [gas only], VAT plus any other applicable charges).
Any percentage discount applied to these price plans.

The EAB does not include:

Cashback amounts or loyalty points e.g. waste discount. 

Panda will often offer these additional items in your energy bundle, so it is important to take them into account when making your decision.

Calculation examples:

EAB = 4,200 kWh per annum x Unit Rate - % discount on Unit Rate (where applicable)

Standing Charge per annum
PSO Levy per annum
VAT at 13.5%

EAB = 11,000 kWh per annum x Unit Rate - % discount on Unit Rate (where applicable)

Standing Charge per annum
Carbon Tax per annum
VAT at 13.5%

A note on average annual consumption

The CRU has mandated that all suppliers use industry average annual consumption figures as published by them. Your annual consumption may vary from these figures, so your actual annual bill may be higher or lower than the EAB amount. This may particularly affect customers on the Urban Domestic Day/Night Price Plan, Rural Domestic Day/Night Price Plan in Electricity and the Large Residential User Price Plans in Gas. Customers on these plans typically use a larger amount than the average annual consumption figures. It is important to keep this in mind when looking at your EAB.

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